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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. it's thursday september 22nd, 2011. we are starting trading on wall street higher. the dow is off the lows of the morning but still down 344 points. yesterday, the dow closed down 227 points. the federal reserve announced an economic stimulus plan.
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global stocks slid because of the bleak assessment of the u.s. economy's future. we'll have an update from cnbc later on in the newscast. police are trying to figure out how a body ended up in the river. it's near the 11th street bridge. we are live with more on this. megan mcgrath, tell us what's going on. >> reporter: just about a half hour or so ago, authorities removed the body from the area, taken away in an ambulance for identification. at this point, not a lot of information is known. what i can tell you, just around 8:00 this morning somebody called 911. they saw a body floating in the water. they were concentrating their efforts on the area between the 11th street bridge and the large ship docked here at the navy yard, the "destroyer." right along the river walk area.
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police are not saying whether the person is male or female. it's unclear how they died, whether they drown or something else happened and the body ended up in the water. a lot of unanswered questions here. police are still trying to make an identification and piece together what happened. barbara, back to you. >> thank you. in prince george's county, police are investigating a deadly shooting. a shooting on benning road around 4:15 this morning. they found a man in the middle of the road. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police have not made any arrests, yet, in this case. troy davis maintained his innocence all the way to the end. georgia convicted him despite the outcry to spare him. he was put to death by lethal injection for the murder of a savannah, georgia police
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officer. he died shortly after 11:00 p.m. during the trial, nine witnesses testified against him. since then, seven recanted the statement. the mother said he's been telling himself that for 22 years. in his last words, he addressed the family saying i am not the one who killed your son, your father, your brother. i am innocent. the incident that happened is not my fault. i did not have a gun. he went on to urge the family as well as his own to continue searching for the truth. this morning, two american hikers free from an iranian prison are free. shane bauer and josh fattal will make their way home to the u.s. for now, shane spoke to his sister via skype.
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they were released after a $500,000 bail each. they have spoken to reporters once asking for the release of others caught in a similar situation. >> two years in prison is too long. we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in america and iran. >> the men, along with sarah shourd were arrested. she was released last year. they were accused of spying, but they say they were hiking, not spying. a day after the release, the iranian president, ahmadinejad will address the general assembly. today, he's going to focus on the united nations. ahmadinejad denied the holocaust ever happened and that he
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doubted the september 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. we are going to turn to the weather. the gray skies above the nation's capital. it's warmer here, too. tom joins us. tom? >> we had the cloud cover lingering throughout much of the region in the morning hours. not much rain, happily. there's the sky over washington now. it's clogged with clouds. there are a few breaks in the clouds, a little bit of sunshine breaking out. as we look at what's been happening over the last 12 hours, a few passing light showers south and east of washington. there are thin spots around the shenandoah valley. they are getting a little bit of sunshine breaking through the cloud cover. mostly cloudy in washington and points east. the temperatures are climbing a bit. we are in the low to mid-70s throughout much of the region. reagan national is at 70
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degrees. we'll have a small chance of an additional shower this afternoon. might see a little bit of sun and a very small chance of an additional shower. highs reaching the upper 70s by mid afternoon. a light southeasterly breeze. our chance for rain increases tonight. we'll look at that and potential for flooding on friday. that's coming up next along with a look at the weekend. barbara. >> thank you, tom. police in montgomery county are investigating an accident between a car and motor scooter. it happened around 1:00. the car hit the scooter from behind, which ended up killing the scooter rider. tracee wilkins has more on the investigation. >> reporter: all of the lanes are open, again. they were closed for most of the morning. montgomery county police investigated the accident. it went call the way down in the other direction for more than a
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mile. >> the horn was still blowing, both air bags deployed and the scooter stuck under the car. yet, for some reason, the driver drove for more than a mile before stopping the vehicle. police say witnesses tell them the buick struck the back of the scooter near edmonton drive. the man on the scooter falls off the hood of the car and the driver keeps going. >> reporter: the driver keeps going north and eventually makes a u-turn. by the time he was don, he drove for more than a mile with that scooter stuck under his car. >> the driver of the scooter was transported to the hospital where he later dried from his injuries. the driver of the car was taken into custody. by maryland law, he was tested
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to see if he was driving under the influence. the northbound and southbound lanes of rockville pike were closed for the investigation. then opened shortly after 7:00 a.m. the investigation into this crash is continuing. in rockville, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. soon it's going to cost you more to cross the toll bridges in maryland. they will vote on a plan to raise tolls statewide. they want to pay for road repairs and interstate 95 express toll lanes near baltimore. under the proposal, tolls set at $4 starting november 1. they would go up again to $6 in july of 2013. the board is expected to vote on a proposal to waive the $1.50 easy pass fee. >> we already knew we spend a lot of time traveling on the roads here. now, we have learned more people
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in virginia and maryland commute to work in another county than anywhere else in the nation. that, according to the latest u.s. census bureau report. 51% of virginia and 47% of maryland residents drive and work in a different county than where they live. only new jersey drivers come close. maryland has the longest commute with 32 minutes on average. it's longer than new york and new jersey drivers have to drive. if you are sick of traffic and the tolls, you may want to embrace car-free day. itis happening today. people in hundreds of cities around the world are participating. organizers said more than 9,000 people pledged to participate. they are encouraging people to walk, bike or use mass transit. events are held throughout the area including free shuttle rides and give aways at the
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metro stations. the time is nine minutes of 11:00. coming up, not the welcoming the pope normally gets. the protest of his latest trip. how to ask the republican candidates for president a question in tonight's debate.
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[ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa!
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and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. [ inaudible ] >> pope benedict is making his
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first state visit to his homeland of germany today. he was met by a number of heads of states, crowds children and flowers. a number of protesters, too. he will address parliament today. some want to boycott the speech saying it would violate the separation of church and state. president obama is in ohio to tout the american jobs act. he will visit the brent spence bridge which will be rebuilt under the jobs proposal. the bridge is an interesting pick, it connects ohio to kentucky. gop lawmakers say the speech is nothing more than a political stunt. >> president obama may think the best way to distract people from the challenges we face is stand near a bridge in a swing state and pit one group of americans against another. >> president obama says it's a
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symbol of how democrats and republicans should come together and work to improve the economy. lawmakers are scrambling to reach a deal to overt a government shutdown. democrats and tea party republicans defeated a house gop spending bill yesterday that would have provided $3.7 billion for disaster relief. democrats were upset the legislation cut money from a loan program to help companies build fuel efficient cars. some say the bill allowed spending at too high of a rate. if a deal isn't reached by tuesday, the government's main disaster relief program could run out of money. lawmakers must pass legislation by the end of next week to avoid a government shutdown. tonight, republicans will be the focus of decision 2012, key swing state. the republican presidential
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candidates will meet for another debate, this one in orlando, florida. all eight candidates will be there for the forum. the last one was last week in tampa. it was sponsored by fox and google. tom is here to tell us what kind of day we are going to have. it started off gloomy out there. it seems to be brightening up a bit. >> you are trying to look on the bright side, aren't you? >> i'm trying to be bright. >> if you are feeling blue, it's probably because the sky is gray. there's a lot of studies done about solar deprivation. here we are, another gray day under way. we could use sun to brighten our moods. right now, at reagan national airport, down the river from capitol hill, there's a gray sky there. the temperature is at 73. we are very humid. we have a semitropical air mass
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that's continuing to pump our way out of the south. we have a southerly wind at 10 miles per hour. the clouds holding steady. low to mid-70s over the last couple hours. we are going to hold steady here. with a few breaks in the clouds, the sun may come out and warm us up a bit. also, a very small chance of rain throughout the daylight hours. this evening, we will likely see more move back in. over the last 12 hours, a few passing showers south and east this morning. now, thin spots on the clouds. louden county, panhandle of west virginia, they are getting sunshine near culpeper. it is quite cloudy. as we look at the radar, we have a batch of rain down here in the carolinas especially here in south carolina. they are getting moderate showers. they are on the track to sweep up this way. right now, close to washington
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we don't have any rain around right now, just the low clouds coming through. as we go forward, over the next 12 hours, it looks like we will stay dry in the afternoon. the areas of color, the precipitation. there could be showers into southern maryland, lower, eastern shore around 6:00 this evening. as the evening progresses, showers advancing into the eastern suburbs. to the west, scattered lighter showers are possible. during the day on friday, it looks like we'll have an increasing chance for more rain to come in. this area of green and yellow, they are zones of potential rain all the way back into the mountains. there's the possibility of moderate to heavy rains during the day on friday. for the rest of this thursday afternoon, a few breaks in the clouds, sun coming up. clouds close back in again by late afternoon. there's a slight chance of additional shower later this afternoon. we'll have the temperatures
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reach upper 70s. this evening, our chances of rain increase. we have the possibility of a passing shower by late evening, after midnight and dawn on friday as well. the temperatures will be in the mid-70s. by midnight, low 70s and upper 60s by dawn on friday. tomorrow, the likelihood of showers could be heavy at times, especially midday friday and friday afternoon and into friday evening. by then, we could have an inch or two of rain during the 24 hour period from friday morning into saturday morning. during the day on saturday, perhaps another inch of rain is possible from showers in the morning and maybe afternoon thundershowers. highs friday and saturday into the upper 70s. this system that is locked in place is slowly going to break up, but not until next week. sunday, we may get a little sunshine, but we have a possibility of a morning shower or afternoon thunderstorm.
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keep that in mind for your weekend plans. then on monday and tuesday, just a small chance of additional showers. finally, the trend is we'll be drying out. we'll need it. get welcome sunshine on wednesday and toward the end of next week. that's the way it looks. >> all right, tom. thank you. we'll talk to you again before the morning is over. hopefully, you'll have a nice update for us. it's 19 minutes after 11:00. coming up, stronger back. steve hayes is here with exercises and stretches to keep you walking tall and that back feeling good. first, here is a look at what's happening on
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we are focusing our work out segment on a strong back and shoulders, something a lot of us need to focus on. properly choosing the things you carry, bags, purses, backpacks, briefcases, suitcases. our fitness guru steve hayes is here with important tips. welcome. >> how are you. >> introduce your guest. >> please, introduce yourself. >> i'm a personal trainer and group instructor, also an actress and model. >> welcome. i'm glad you have chosen this today. it's something i can use. let's talk about the back and
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shoulders. >> yeah. one thing about the back and shoulders, when we carry our bags and briefcases, we need to strengthen our back. i have a few exercises to do to strengthen them. the first is bent over, keep your legs straight, she comes up, she's working her lower back, pulls the weight up and works the shoulders. >> five pounds? >> you don't need heavyweights. it allows you to get a better stretch. >> it's something you should do every day? >> every day. every day. >> how many times a day. >> say three times -- three sets of ten reps a day is enough. >> you could take these to work with you. to the kitchen. >> yeah. use canned goods in the kitchen. >> the next strengthens your side. >> no equipment, no excuses.
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>> this is one of my favorites. >> this is a great one. take the towel, two counts. go over to one side, a thousand one, a thousand two. come up, a thousand one, a thousand two, then the other side. with this, you are working side muscles and the lower back and abdominals. >> these are things you can do to work on the side and back. >> yes. strengthens the lower back. >> show us the proper technique for dealing with a backpack, if you carry one. this is for kids, too. >> kids, as we know, they are not going to put the backpack, both straps. they are going to hold it on one shoulder. it's fine, but coming back, put it on the other shoulder. kids are going to try to look cool. >> this is one of the lightest weight backpacks i have seen.
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>> yes. make sure, if they carry it on one shoulder to switch it up to the other shoulder. it saves the lower back. >> that is very important. >> yep, it is. >> how to carry a briefcase? >> when we carry one, we keep it in one hand. switch after five minutes, switch the hand up. if you have the strap, make sure it goes on the opposite shoulder when carrying it and take your arm and hold it up as you are walking. >> i have had doctors tell me that. >> it puts a lot of stress on the lumbar. >> yes. >> lift it with your hands as well. >> support it, absolutely. >> every 15 minutes you are carrying a briefcase, switch sides. >> switch sides. >> as i have shown you, i have a heavy bag. let's see your purse. it's not so heavy. >> can we see your bag?
11:26 am
>> let's see how she carries her bag. >> i put my hand under it for support and then after a little bit, i switch. >> yeah. >> because your spine can actually curve over time if you are carrying the weight of the bag on the same shoulder all the time. >> a lot of us would love to carry that nice queen elizabeth bag, dainty purse. many of us, we have our bags full. you wanted to see mine. >> yes. >> this is the smallest bag i have. this is pretty -- >> it's pretty heavy. >> it's about ten pounds. again, when you are walking, remember, if you are going someplace for 15 minutes, switch it up half the blocks. >> that is a heavy one. i will try to remember to hold it. it does take a lot of pressure off. where can we get more information? >> the hayes way. look me up on facebook.
11:27 am
i have all the information you need about how to carry bags and the ergonomics of it, also. >> all right. those of us who carry more than one bag and a lot of us do, i'm a bag lady around here. >> i like that. >> so happy you came. you'll have to come again. >> thank you for having me, i would love to. >> showing us how to do it better with the bags. >> thank you, steve. >> it's always my pleasure. 11:27 is the time now. the debate over the death penalty comes to washington tomorrow. changes to the law some believe need to be made immediately. a prank at a high school football game posted online. why the school district is not laughing about this. and, it's thursday. that means we are looking ahead to the weekend. tom will let us know if the rain
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[ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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right now, big losses on wall street. the dow is now down 372 points. yesterday was also tough on investors. the dow closed down 227 points. we'll have an update from cnbc later in the newscast. right now, a deadly crash involving a car and motor scooter. it happened around 1:30 this morning. the scooter rider died from his injuries. police are looking at the driver
11:31 am
of the car and whether he was drunk. georgia executed a murderer. troy davis was put to death last night by lethal injection for the 1989 murder of a savannah police officer. davis maintained his innocence during his final words. >> the reverend al sharpton tried to stop that execution. he will push for new federal laws to prevent states from prosecuting unless there's physical evidence that connects thim to the crime. he talked about it on the "today" show. >> the larger debate is there ought to be a law you cannot have a capital case, a case that leads to execution only on eyewitness testimony. whether you are for the death penalty or not, there ought to be a bar that there has to be
11:32 am
more than eyewitness accounts. i'm sure you will agree, there's numerous study where eyewitness is flawed. >> sharpton has been involved in the case since 2007. he says we must not forget troy davis. seven people recanted their statements and no physical evidence or dna evidence that linked him to the crime ever existed. for the first time, we are getting a closer look at the man slide threatening to destroy homes in stafford county. let's look at the video of what useding to one homeowners backyard. it's growing larger every day. the county already condemned two homes forcing the owners out. >> when you buy a home and you buy the property and the land, you expect if they built on it, you expect it to hold up.
11:33 am
>> that homeowner says there have been smaller scale landslides in the past. the developer built a retaining wall to fix them. now, she says whatever they did to fix the problem was not enough. bge says it spent $81 million to restore electricity to customers after hurricane irene. the utility said 756,000 customers lost power for an average of 37 hours after irene. most customers got power back within five days. some had to wait as long as eight days. bge could pass some of the cost on to customers with a rate hike, but it has to be approved by a state commission. we are going to look again at the forecast hoping for changes. tom, you want to update us now? >> we are hoping for sun to brighten our moods. we are getting a bit. a live view.
11:34 am
there's a little blue showing slue. a little sun. the clouds are winning out throughout much of the region now. temperatures are beginning to climb a bit. the sun broke out in the mid-70s to upper 70s in parts of the shenandoah valley. under the clouds at washington and east, we are in the low 70s. over the last 12 hours, we have had this cloud cover streaming in from the south and southwest. it will continue to ride right up over the region here. the pattern will persist all the way into the weekend. it looks like a small chance of additional shower this afternoon, highs in the upper 70s then. increasing chance of showers friday, friday night and saturday. tomorrow, we could get moderate to heavy downpours. may cause flooding problems. friday tr the high school games and games on saturday could be rain. maybe thunder and lightning saturday afternoon and again sunday during the afternoon.
11:35 am
a smaller chance, but still a chance of additional showers monday and tuesday into next week. we'll finally dry out midweek next week. that's the way it looks right now. >> all right, thanks a lot. the search is on for gunmen who got into a shoot out with an armored car guard. it happened in broad daylight in washington. it left a cvs riddled with bullet holes. one of the suspected gunmen ended up in the hospital. the get away car was ditched outside the building. the police arrested two people and looking for others. several break ins in the past month. six homes have been burglarized in the fourth district, which includes shepherd park. one of the targets, the home of a d.c. superior court judge
11:36 am
believes it was random. break ins are up 14% city wide this year. ♪ the redskins will get a boost monday night with the return of one of the defensive leaders. safety la ron landry says he's ready to go against the cowboys on monday. he hasn't played in about ten months. he's been recovering from an achilles injury. he was first in the team on tackles. tony romo has a bigger target on him, specifically his ribs. he's got a punctured and collapsed lung. deangelo hall is aware of the injury. he says he's going to be aiming for it. >> absolutely, i want to get my helmet on whatever is hurt. his ribs, i'm going to ask for corner blitzes.
11:37 am
it's part of it. if you know something is wrong with an opponent, you try to go in on it. >> the redskins look to go 3-0 when they play the cowboys monday night. his friends might have found it funny, but school administrators aren't laughing at a stunt at halftime. a 14-year-old has been suspended from colonial forge high school for running across the football field in a banana costume during the game. the freshman will be out of school for ten days and could be expelled. his mother is appealing the punishment. she says he's autistic. some of his classmates are coming to his defense. they wore free banana man shirts to school on monday. still ahead, who makes the list of the wealthiest. can a person be addicted to food
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and how can you break
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why do good girls like bad boys is playing this weekend at the warner theater. it's a true life stage where a good girl is drawn to a drug dealing hustler. welcome. >> thank you. hi. >> good to have you with us. it's an age old thing, the
11:41 am
minister's daughter goes for the bad boy. i don't know if that's how this story goes. maybe you can tell us a bit about it. >> it's not far from that. a good church going girl going to college, meeting a guy that is a bit of a bad boy, a lot of a bad boy, is intrigued. the next thing you know, it's her man. >> what is it about the bad boy? why do you think it's true in real life? >> we see a lot of it because when you come from a household where you are sheltered and you finally get a chance to step out on your own and see something you have never seen, something you are not used to, it intrigues. it's interesting. you want to find out what it's about. a lot of times you have to learn the hard way, as you see in our play. my character has to learn the hard way. we hope people come and get the message. it's about good choices and hopefully you won't have to
11:42 am
experience what i go through. >> is it based on a true-life story? >> no. >> true life in that it happens. >> exactly. >> it's a gospel musical. has this been performed anywhere other than here in washington? >> yeah. we just started a short tour which we started in cleveland. this show is a revival of one of the biggest urban -- >> most successful. >> yeah, most successful gospel plays ever. >> tell us about the characters. >> i play silk, the bad boy. >> you must be the good girl. >> i am shannon, the good girl. actually, i'm engaged to a great guy in the church and i meet mr. silk in the play. >> you are so smooth, mr. silk. >> he's just -- >> woos you? >> yeah, he says all the right things. things young women like to hear.
11:43 am
you have to have discernment in things. >> drew, you have been involved in a number of projects. >> i starred in "white chicks." disney dance movie, ""that's so raven," "the game" on b.e.t. i did the church girl and "the greatest love story ever told." that was awesome. >> leon, you are an accomplished actor. you were in "five heart beats" and "waiting to exhale" and "oz." >> there's nothing like theater. you get the energy from the audience. there's no second takes. you have to be on every night. >> we train in theaters.
11:44 am
you get to go back, it's fantastic and you get immediate response from the audience. when you do a lot of television and films, the audience doesn't get a chance to see you perform live. it's great. they see you in front of them and performing. it's great. >> are you from the washington area? >> i'm from chicago. >> new york. >> welcome to washington. glad to have you. can't wait to see you on the stage. sounds like a great show. >> amazing. bring the whole family. bring the whole family. >> big time message. >> you can catch "why do good girls like bad boys" running through -- >> sunday. >> shows every night. come and come back. >> thanks again. >> all right. >> thank you. >> great to have you with us. in other news, a person in maryland is among the latest among the deadly listeria
11:45 am
outbreak. it's killed eight people and made 55 people sick. the death toll could grow higher. it's from cantaloupe from colorado. they are in 17 states. people in maryland, virginia and our area have become sick with listeria linked to that produce. with two-thirds of americans overweight, obesity is becoming a major problem in this country. it is a case of will power or is there something else behind it? let's find out. >> you grow up eating a certain way. you live a certain way, ate this, ate the fried food, the sweets. >> iris williams has battled her weight since she was a child. it's more than uncomfortable eating, it's an addiction. it may seem like a stretch, but some scientists agree.
11:46 am
research shows the brain responds to certain foods the way it does to nicotine and other narcotics. the most addicted are heavily refined, processed and concentrated. chocolate and potato chips. our bodies can't handle them especially in the quantyties that many of us eat them. it pays to live near the nation's capital. louden county has the highest median income of any county in the country at $119,000. followed by fairfax, howard and arlington is fifth on the list. the government and stable work force help protection the area from recessions and economic crisis. two counties, montgomery and fairfax county fell over the
11:47 am
last decade when you factor in inflation. fewer people saw unemployment rates. we are going to check in with cnbcs cortney reagan. morning. >> hi, good morning to you, barbara. confidence is in short supply today. the dow is down 360 points right now. we are on track for the dow to have the worst week in three years. asian markets tumbled first, then europe opened and was sharply lower, closing down 4%. there are a handful of indices there. things were red from what we saw in europe. we have half the day left to trade here. it remains to be seen what can happen. a lot is the result of what happened yesterday with the fed. the fed launched a round of economic stimulus in the way we had expected it to do. basically, swapping out the
11:48 am
short term bonds for longer dated bonds. the purpose of that is to push interest rates down on mortgages and other loans. what investors keyed in on and what is worrying the markets today is the language the fed used in the statement. it warned about a slow recovery, unemployment in europe's problems. the wording and tone more worrisome than anything they said out loud in the statements. it's sending investors out of stocks, buying bonds. when that happens, the yields you get on the bond go lower. the yield on the treasury is the lowest on record. you are not going to make a lot of money buying into bonds. it's looked at as a safe haven. weekly jobless claims did come in down 9,000. still at 423,000 for the week. it's above the 400,000 level we only broke for one time since
11:49 am
april. again, a little bit better than economists expected. if we look at commodities, this shows you what is going on with the global worries. we had manufacturing data out of europe and asia that was troubling. when that happens, you see a sell-off in the price of oil. it's good for consumers at the pump, when the price of oil drops like we are seeing now rksz it's because of worries of global economic demand. back to you. >> okay. thanks, courtney. have a good day. we pay a visit to a young man who we met before. his name is jorge. he has many developmental challenges. those who know him say he could make tremendous strides if he gets a chance to have a family that really loves him. >> what is he doing today? >> he likes the swing a lot. >> he was shy with visitors but
11:50 am
listened intently as liz told us about the new things that happened since we last saw him. he's in high school. does he go out to school? >> he goes to school in fairfax county. the bus picks him up and carries his backpack. jorge is a pleasant child. he's nonverbal. he'll come right with you and attaches to people. he likes to follow real closely and stay right with them. >> in a pile of colorful toys, we found things jorge found interesting. he liked the big blue ball. it may be hard for us to see, jorge made real advances in the last year. >> learning how to care for himself in terms of toilet tris and learning to dress himself. >> when we first visited him here, he wasn't doing nearly the things we does now. at school, he's doing special
11:51 am
jobs. he learns to help take out the recycling and help in the cafeteria, wiping the trays and the tables. he does some of that activity. >> while he's making progress, those who know him say he could benefit from the love and encouragement from a permanent adoptive family. >> a family with patience and skill level in working with children like jorge. >> those who know him say every day they see changes. >> he's more outgoing and warms up to new situations more quickly. >> his hope a family will come along to want to share their lives with him. can i have a high five. >> come on. all right. >> yes. good. if you have room in your home and heart for jorge or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hot line, 88-to-adopt mf me or
11:52 am our time is 11:51. coming up, oktoberfest plans. plus, we'll be back with how
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11:54 am
we are celebrating oktoberfest this weekend but you
11:55 am
don't have to travel to europe for that. no, you don't. la von is here from "the washington post" weekend section to talk about it. hi. >> hey, barbara. >> lots going on in october. we have to start with the beer garden. it's what we think of this time of year. >> oktoberfest started in germany last weekend. one of the only places to celebrate was beer garden house on h street northwest. they kicked off celebrations last week and continue into the middle of october. it's a fantastic place. people with really going to enjoy it. there's no cover. they have a fantastic back garden. it's a lot of fun. what people want to know is friday and saturday nights from 7:00 to 11:00 they have live german music. you want to get there early. there's going to be lines. it's pretty packed. >> there are outdoor
11:56 am
oktoberfests too, right? >> yes. leave it to germantown to host the biggest celebration. there's a festival on october 1st. it's a family friendly event. this is a family friendly oktoberfest. there's moon bounces and scarecrow making and fall activities for children as well. there's live music and dancing. it ends with fireworks. >> it sounds like a great family event. let's head to alexandria. there's a place that doesn't sound very german. >> they are famous for their huge beer selection. they are marking oktoberfest. you can find up to 15 kinds of german beers on october 15th. this is an event that is held outdoors in their back garden which they share with buzz bakery. it's a lot of fun. if you take the metro, actually, and don't drink and drive they
11:57 am
will give you a special treat. they are going to give you a free oktoberfest mug. >> that sounds great. good reason to go. thank you. >> thanks so much. >> for more ideas for your weekend, log on to or the going out guide on washington post. let's take a look at the stories we are following for this afternoon. pat lawson muse joins us with the things to come. pat? facebook plans to make another change today. this has to do with music. we'll get your feedback. coming up at 4:00, the votes are in. we are going to reveal the name of the new panda cub. then tonight, good-bye, so long fish sticks. skood lunches are growing up. we have a make over where kids develop more taste. barbara. >> thank you, pat. we have time for a final check on the forecast. here is tom.
11:58 am
just a small chance of a shower today. then tomorrow, it could be heavy at times on friday evening. by then, we might have flooding problems. rain, thunder and lightning saturday. perhaps on sunday as well. next week, finally looks like by midweek, the pattern is breaking down. barbara? >> thank you. that's the news for midday. thanks for joining us. we invite you to tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and then at 11:00. hope you find time to join us. have a terrific day and we'll see you in the morning.
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